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Now Hiring for Mortgage Loans Originators

At Glory Mortgage we are seeking Mortgage Loan Originators who are dedicated to their craft. Here at Glory Mortgage we are looking for employees that think outside of the box. Individuals who can’t say no to a loan and will work hard to get the Borrower the program that best fits their needs.  We are looking for Mortgage Loan Originators that want to be part of their communities.  

Why choose Glory Mortgage?

We have the ability to close and fund a loan less than 30 days.  We have partnered with some of the Nations top Investors and we offer the best state of the art technology to provide our Mortgage Loan Originators with a library of marketing materials and tools that you need to bring your loans to a successful closing.

What if I am new or coming back to the business?

If you are new to the mortgage industry we have outlined the steps to success. We believe in teaching and training the right individuals that are driven with a desire to succeed.  We have a lot of training materials that can help you develop your sales skills.  We will teach you the psychology behind the sale and what it takes to close loans.


Mortgage Loan Originators

We are currently seeking Mortgage Loan Originators who like to have the freedom and the ability to close loans without all the red tape. So many companies promise the world but cannot get your loans closed. We will teach you new sales techniques and how to work your sphere-of-influence.  We will offer you a tremendous amount of marketing materials and tools to help you succeed.

​– Access to Senior Management
– Industry-High Close Ratio – No loan is denied until reviewed by Executive Loan Committee
– Aggressive Pricing & Commissions from 150-275 bps per loan
– Internal and external Processing staff
– 24/48 Hour Underwriting and Conditions
– Streamlined Loan Flow & Tracking Technologies
– Strong Relationships with top Investor Account Executives
– Easy On-boarding with assistance from our full-time transition staff
– Licensing in the 3 states and growing!
– Full suite of mortgage products
– Hands-on Marketing Support


By joining the Glory Mortgage team, you are going to close more loans and increase your earnings.  If you have a State Mortgage Loan Originator License and are registered with the NMLS, then take our fast track approach to getting hired here at Glory Mortgage. 


We believe in a higher power that may have guided you to our company and for reasons that we cannot explain. There is no need to speak with a recruiter.  Start by filling out the form below.  Once we receive the completed form you will receive our contract which contains our compensation schedule.  Once we receive the completed contract we will send you your credentials to get you started. It's that easy! Welcome Home LO!

Grow with us! Now Hiring!

Grow with Us!

Become part of our team at FMH.

Become part of our TEAM!

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