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Michael Frank

Mortgage Loan Originator

Michael Frank

My name is Michael Frank, and I was born and raised in Parker, Colorado. I love spending time with my wife and our two boys. We make it a priority to take advantage of this beautiful state by being outdoors as much as possible. Exercise and health are a big part of our lives. Participating in personal growth activities like Tough Mudders (a famous teamwork-inspired mud obstacle course), helps us continue to realize that we can take on any challenge ahead of us! Baseball is also a big part of my life; I have been playing the sport since I was three years old, and it took me all the way through college. 

I solve problems so you can rest easy. Financing a home is complicated, but l love solving complex problems. These complexities make my work interesting, gratifying, fun! Your home is the stage on which you play out your life story. I love helping people realize their dreams and begin telling the beautiful stories of their lives!

(303) 842-7294

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